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or  "Life at The Saltings".


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The 2009 Beach party took place on the 20th June and whilst moist in places - it lived up to its reputation !

YES - for those patient enough to wait (or care ! ) the long process of editing and enhancement ( ? ) has now been completed and through the beauty of MicroSoft Windows Live (it offers more free storage than Flickr ! ) - the full, expedited photos are available.

So - click Here, sit back, enjoy and re-live those summer (damp) days.




Breaking News -

It's FLUFFY . . . . 

 . . .  . . it's tangy, yes JULY's RECIPE has ARRIVED ! ! ! ! !

Now rumour has it no-one has actually tried any of Karen's recipes.  If you have (and in the interests of encouragement) - do leave a comment !

Click on Karen's page - read it - and give it a whirl !

Bank Holiday in Dorset saw some fantastic weather and a fabulous chance to catch up on 'old times' with the Taylor Family !

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With the Football season well and truly underway - : click on Oli's page (above) for this weeks MotW (Match of the Week) report  !

An Anglo - Franco exchange lead to an invasion of Walton Beach.  A fantastic day was finished with some traditional English Fish & Chips !     


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